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Dates to Remember April 10th – May 12th

Tuesday, April 10–DownBeat Jazz Education Days–WESTSHORE @ 10 am Wednesday, April 11–DownBeat Jazz Education Days–WESTSHORE @ 10 am Thursday, April 12–Tri-C Day Friday, April 13–With Faith and Fury–METRO @ 7:30 pm Saturday, April 14–Gerald Clayton–Piedmont Blues: A Search for Salvation feature Rene Marie and Maurice Chestnut–METRO @ 7:30 pm Sunday, April 15– Tri-C Toastmaster Weekly Meeting–METRO …

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Student Success Symposium

By Barbie Robertson The Student Success Symposium started six years ago. It is an end of the year celebration with exhibits by students, showcasing their excellence and recognizing student accomplishments. Students will present their research on an issue that they are passionate about and in order to bring awareness to it. This year, Cuyahoga Community …

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Student Found with Gun, Arrested

By Mick Thomas A 21-year old Cuyahoga Community College student was arrested for bringing a firearm on the campus of Corporate College West on March 20th, 2018. Matthew R. Fugate was retrieved from class by Westlake Police department after showing a firearm to another student in the bathroom. Fugate had been previously arrested in January …

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Make a Stand

By Nate Bevington We’ve all felt pain, both physically and emotionally. It has many ways of getting to us. It hits us in the best of times, the worst of times, and everything in between. It touches every area of our lives and because of the imperfection of the world, it cannot be avoided. There …

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Dates to Remember Issue 9 April 2 – April 15

Monday April 2–Easter Monday Tuesday April 3–Cleveland Rape Crisis Center Campus Services–WEST @ 10 am Wednesday April 4–Veterans Education Access Program April Workshop–METRO @ 1:00pm Thursday April 5–Culture Shock–WEST @ 10 am Friday April 6–Men’s Baseball Clark State CC–WEST @ 5:00 pm Saturday April 7–United Nation World Health Day Sunday April 8–Lady Challengers vs. Lorain …

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Conversation Group

By Adolphe Musanga “Have you ever experienced an adventure in a place where you are a total stranger?” I know a category of people named international students who have. As one of them, I know how tough it is to land in a place where everything seems dissimilar from your home, specifically the social life, people’s behaviors and most importantly …

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