Justin Nozuka Returns to Cleveland

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By Daniela Cacho

Justin Nozuka made a friendly stop back to Cleveland promoting his recent release, Low Tide on a                  co-headline tour with Good Old War. The city welcomed Nozuka to the House of Blues in the Cambridge Room on March 11th.

Nozuka and his supporting bandmates put on a comforting show with blue hue lights and sincere-upbeat energy. They played a wide variety of songs that individually held different kinds of emotions. Nozuka explained his songs are a mixture of fictional and personal background, “for the most part they are pretty personal,” Nozuka said.

“After Tonight”, “Golden Train”, and “Heartless” were performed with backup vocals from the crowd. In the set, Nozuka placed his latest song “Warm Under the Light”.

Singer-songwriter shares that the music video was recorded around his travels. Nozuka said, “We did a few shows. We did a show in LA, New York, and a show in Toronto.”

The singer-songwriter’s brother filmed the music video across all three cities.

Following Cleveland, Nozuka continues his tour to Washington D.C. with four shows remaining

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