Abortion Opinions Brought Upon Campus

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By Brittany Cleveland

At Metro Campus, graphic images of dismembered fetuses were displayed outside of the Business Administration building. The images displayed were plenty of fetuses dismembered by abortion. An organization called Created Equal, had members pass out pamphlets to the students and staff who walked by. Strapped with body cams and information regarding their views on abortion, they asked each person what their views were on abortion.

Some Cuyahoga Community College students were seen visibly upset about the images and questions, others stayed by to see what each member had to say. Created Equal is a Pro-Life organization that is against abortions.

 According to the organization’s website, this group was created in 2011 by Mark Harrington and Seth Drayer. Harrington and Drayer’s focus for the organization is to highlight the injustice of ageism in abortions. According to the website, they were inspired by the FreedomRiders that exposed the injustices of racism in America. Harrington and Drayer wanted to expose the reality of unborn children that are aborted.

Their team consists of 12 members. The team travels to different places nationwide to share their purpose to stop abortions. Tri-C student, Jimmy Johnson was seen having a creative discussion about abortion with one of the representatives of Created Equal. Johnson’s opinion about abortion is that he thinks it’s like “a double-edged sword.’’

Johnson continues, “Restrict abortion… I can’t tell a woman what to do with her body since I’m a man.’’

“Is abortion a sense of logic or emotion?” Johnson asked one of the representatives of Created Equal. James Silberman, Media Relations Specialists of Created Equal, expressed his organization’s beliefs with Johnson.

“It should be wrong to kill innocent human beings. We think that it’s wrong to kill arbitrary differences,” said Silberman. Silberman expressed his Christian faith and finds that the organization befits his beliefs about abortion.

“Everyone here is a Christian,” he said. “ The organization is based on Christian beliefs to not kill a human being,” said Silberman. “Even if I wasn’t Christian, I would still think it’s wrong.”

Silberman and the other colleagues have body cams to record every interaction of the process of abortion. The cameras are there for protective purposes. “People at this campus are awesome. At other campuses, [many] people will have swear words or flip us off. There was one time someone got punched in the face,” Silberman said.

“Another reason why the body cams are there is to capture positive reactions. Silberman continues, ”in case someone changes their mind about wanting or having an abortion, they have the footage to post online.”

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