C.A.B. Brings the Party

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The Campus Activities Board, also known as C.A.B., is a group that plans and sets up different events for Cuyahoga Community College. These events include learning events like Constitutional Day to fun events like the Magic Holiday Festival. These events are supposed to give students a chance to relax and enjoy something outside of classes. C.A.B. is looking for students to participate in helping put on these special events and to attend meetings which are every Monday at 4:00 p.m. in room A137.

“We Bring the Party” – Campus Activities Board

To be a part of C.A.B., attending at least three events per semester and attending meetings are both expected. I asked Charles Hardin, the President of C.A.B., what his favorite event was that they held and Charles stated that his favorite event was a toss-up between Fear Factor and The Magic Holiday Village. Charles also explains why he got involved with C.A.B. and expresses that he really wanted to get involved in college work study. His fiancée helped him get his spot working with C.A.B. At the time, she was working closely with Student Government and has now graduated from Tri-C. If you are interested in participating in C.A.B., contact Charles (s01162780@acad. tri-c.edu) to get started.

“The purpose of the Tri-C Campus Activities Board is to build a sense of community/oneness between our students and the college. As a result, more students are likely to stay at Tri-C and have a more positive college experience. We do this by planning engaging activities/events that will increase our students’ overall wellness.” – Ginny Krouse, C.A.B. Advisor.

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