Hip-Hop Homecoming Takes Over Metro Campus

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The sixth annual Hip-Hop Homecoming at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C)’s Metro campus brought in a lot of attention. Located in the newly renovated courtyard, the entire courtyard was filled with a plethora of sounds, students, faculty and free food.  

With the show hosted by Eric “Scratch Paper” Wilson and alumni Pat W, they curated panels like “Battle Of The Beats” and showcased talented students to the audience.  

Tri-C’s students performed songs their own songs that they took time to prepare outside of their school obligations for the show. Rapper Little G Fresh, who is in the Recording Arts and Technology (RAT) program had four songs prepared. She performed her song called “Headed 2 The Bank”, for the first time in front of her peers. First year student Rajah Mcqueen participated in the event as well. Although her major is psychology, her passion for music shines through her performance. Alumni and host Pat W gathered random words that audience members chose, in which he did a freestyle rap to the words. The event showcased many unique beats and rhymes that were made and performed by students. 

The sixth annual Hip-Hop Homecoming was nothing short of a success. Crowd and student participation carried the event, which kept the audience bobbing their heads for more. A tranquil courtyard with live entertainment will be anticipated for next years homecoming.   

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