Aymia Browder COVID DIARY #3

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Aymia Browder Covid Diary #3

The world we once knew has shifted into another time. Is this the era that my grandparents forewarned about? They would say, “A time is coming, that you are going to be scared to come out of your own house.” Well, that day came for me when the Corona Virus was first announced.As I have stated before, I witnessed the bodies being carry out of the hospital and placed in a giant truck. The body count was so tremendous, that they didn’t have any place to store them. I was sort of frightened by the shootings that would take place on my street moments after I would get inside my house, but I was terrified of a deadly virus that killed millions of people. It was the unknown that did it for me. No one had any sound answers as to what this virus is, and how we can terminate it. Even though scientists have come up with a vaccine, at this present time I choose to decline because there is still so much that is unknown about the virus itself. The good news is, there are rumors that the death rate due to the Corona Virus for the elderly have decreased, and the flip side to that is there are rumors that people have died after taking the vaccine. No matter what, I will continue to focus on my family, writing, filmmaking, and serving those in need.

Another reason I believe that our world has shifted into another time is because on January 6th, 2021 an angry mob of Donald Trump supporters stormed the Washington White House. The riot was inflicted by Trump who sat in his office and gazed out the window. According to The NewYork Times there were 5 people killed and over 100 were wounded. How is it that these protesters were allowed to set foot in the yard of the White House? Out of all of my years of living, I have never seen anything like this. Is it true that during the BlackLives Matter protestPresident Donald Trump told the law officials to shoot the protesters because they are terrorists? Whether it is true or not, he said nothing to stop the violence that occurred at Capitol. Both events are just more proof that our country has conflicting priorities. Here we stand in the midst of a killer illness and instead of uniting trying to fight COVID, we are fighting each other. We the citizens don’t have to continue to set the country on fire. I think the pandemic has burned enough.

Speaking of something being on fire, during this peculiar time the Media/Film, and creative arts department is blazing. I have been completely busy with projects. I refuse to let COVID or anything else rob me of this opportunity to live life and complete my college degree. I truly miss life on campus, but for the most part Tri-C’s staff has been showing out. Seems like the body of Tri-C is working around the clock to make sure we are mentally and physically healthy. Not everything that is happening at this time is all doom and gloom.

Every morning, I log into my student email and there is a program, training, or counseling event transpiring. If that is not enough, we have our Media advisor presenting opportunities, coaching, and asking us for our feedback constantly. My Professors in the MJS department has done so much to keep us engaged, this has taken my mind off all the heartache that was produced duringCOVID-19.Writing has become my sanctuary, and there is always a new story cooking at TheVoice. I was also presented with the opportunity to write for a local magazine, and while I was writing I was inspired. I heard the voices of people who are not set back by a pandemic, they have set their desires toward helping others. My latest article is,Gilmore Girls Empower Young Women.Every subject encouraged me to turn my focus on choosing a career that is geared towards better serving our community.

In film class we are all fired up with high hopes that the pandemic will soon come to an end so that we can get back to the world of film. Every week our instructor introduces a subject that provides us with information about the industry. I like it because there is no question that I have asked that I didn’t get an answer to concerning film, and before each class is over the speaker gives us their contact information. The point is to connect you with someone from your desired field. While some of us were waiting to return to our regular routine, ideas have been brewing and those connections will come in handy.

Staying healthy remains a priority of my own. While my heart goes out to those that have had to face a major hardship during this period, so far, I have been more than grateful to get out of my bed each morning without the assistance of someone else because usually I am the first person inmy family to get hit with the flu. Since the spread of COVID-19 I have not caught a full fledge cold, or even so much as coughed. Other than prayer, I don’t know what I am doing that is so special, but I hope to continue to stay covered.

I have witnessed so many disheartening events this year, but I couldn’t allow myself to forget about all the wonderful events that are also taking place at this present time. The fact that I am still alive is proof that I must help as many people as I can, and be kind to everyone. I don’t know what the next day has in store for me, but while I am in the land of the living; I will not be defeated.

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