Pandemic Parenting: Challenges, Mothering and Schooling

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Pandemic Parenting: Challenges, Mothering and Schooling

I took on the task of going to school and working. Doing this while being a mother is not the easiest task. Imagine trying to get some down time to do schoolwork and all you can think about is getting rest, and while putting the kids down to bed you shut your eyes as well. Now you’re two weeks behind in a class. Once I became more open about my situation, I found out that my teachers were very understanding and allowed me to play catch up if needed. The amount of time needed to spend on course work and to always be alert 24/7 when it comes to the children has become slightly depressing. I’m openly honest about it now because I know a few mothers can relate to this situation. The pressures of making sure you’re doing the best you can often feel as if you’re not doing enough. Sometimes we overdo it with multiple tasks just to keep ourselves busy. 

My first semester was super tough because I often found myself saying “I couldn’t do this, it’s too much.” Luckily, my daughter turned into my hype person telling me “You can do this mom” or “you’re killing it at this mom thing.” It always warms my heart because she’s only 4 and she’s very expressive. I also learned that it’s important to take care of your mental health, even if you feel like you have it all together. 

If you’re a parent and you decide to continue with school just remember, take it slow. Take your time and don’t rush, pace yourself. Taking one class is ok, because two can be overwhelming as well. Whenever you feel as if you can’t reach out about your situations just remember our professors are human too, and they understand what we’re going through especially during this pandemic.  

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