Covid Diary

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I was alone most of the day with my only company being a bratty Tortie named “twig.” Though Twig was certainly noisy, she couldn’t speak either of the languages I was fluent in, so I ended up being very lonely. I did not find enjoyment in technology like I previously had due to the constant coverage of events that were slowly tearing our country apart, so contacting friends became a quest to avoid exposure to the brutal content my social media Feed forced upon me.

I did not want to become desensitized by this coverage so I would find enjoyment in reading. Yes, reading something that wasn’t a college textbook, a task I haven’t done since I was in middle school and we had to accumulate AR points. Reading was nice for a few weeks until my ADHD told me that I should jump to a new task to cope with being inside. The few people I communicated with would reminisce about the past or plan for the future when we are allowed to roam the world or at least go to the grocery store without an oversized mask falling below our noses every five seconds.

While these were successful forms of escapism, I felt myself time travel instead.  The postage system has been a fundamental tool for Americans ever since 1971 when the first post office was erected in the capitol. Though its workings amaze me to this moment, not many use this system anymore, and this is where I decided to time travel, to a place where written communication was valued. 

In September of 2020, I signed up for Postcrossing which is an international online community where you receive a random address to send a postcard to. For every postcard you send, you receive one. It is now October of 2021 and I have an old cigar box full of postcards from all over the world. These postcards have helped my mental health and came in handy when taking Sociology courses. I am constantly learning about other parts of the world while having the right level of human contact an introvert could ask for. 

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