Covid Diary

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Covid Diary

Turtle Pond

All the in-person classes I had scheduled for this semester were canceled due to not enough students joining. I had to switch to a fully online schedule. I was disappointed that I had to switch to online, but it turned into a blessing in disguise. Reflecting on my experience from last semester, I do not do well at home alone. To avoid spending my days alone with my cat, I applied for a job. My day job is as a lunch lady at the same school my mother teaches at. Being a lunch lady has really improved my mental health. Not only because I get paid but because I get to socialize with the staff and students. Nevertheless, Covid-19 finds a way to impact my life. 

You may have heard on the news that we are experiencing a nationwide shortage.  I witness firsthand how these shortages affect food service. The company that provides the school’s lunches is unable to provide enough trays and the scheduled meals. While I understand the shortages, I feel bad for the kids. The meal company must send substitutions, but the substitutions never make sense! One day we had salsa that was supposed to go with chips, but they didn’t have the chips, so they sent one wheat breadstick. When have you ever dipped a breadstick into salsa? Another weird combination is French fries with French toast. “I guess they are sticking with the French theme,” my coworker jokes.

Afterwork, I enjoy hanging around different classrooms and helping with the lessons. I joined the Tuesday Thursday yoga class after I clock out from my lunch lady duties. I have also been dabbling in ceramics. It is a nice way to wait for my mother to get out of work so we can drive home. The hours go by fast when I am focusing on a new project. I just finished an ashtray and an incense burner. The ashtray shows a turtle on a log over a lake. The incense burner depicts a snail and a frog who are both wearing hats, having a tea party! I am waiting for the clay to dry out so I may fire it and apply the glaze. Overall Covid-19 still has an impact on my life, though my mental health has improved tremendously because of my job.

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