Covid 2

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Covid 2

Now coronavirus has become something part of our everyday lives. Everyone has gotten accustomed to the new lifestyle and way we maneuver around society. Pretty much normal now, it’s the new way of life. With vaccines now being required at certain places and facilities, it can make it a little tough for those who are not vaccinated when it comes to going to restaurants, events, being in films, and down to even some traveling. There are still many people who distrust the vaccine and still refuse to get it, while many others are receiving incentives to receive it.  Now that winter is coming, more people will be inside which should lessen the chances of getting coronavirus while still taking safety precautions.

Even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, I still achieve and strive to reach my goals and aspirations. In January 2022, I will be featured in Tri-C’s Times Magazine that will be distributed with The Cleveland Magazine for my achievements from The Ohio Press Club Awards. Starting in March 2022 my artwork will be featured in their art gallery all month long at The Cleveland Heights Lee Road Library. I have also become a journalist for The Cleveland Observer as well, which will broaden my journalism experience along with Tri-C The Voice and Cleveland Magazine. The schoolwork has been a bit challenging this quarter but I’m managing to get through it and using the student resources that are provided to Tri-C Students.

I just celebrated my birthday, and I’m blessed to have made it another year. Throughout all the things that’s going on in the world, I was blessed enough to have the things I have, my family, and be healthy. We as people sometimes must humble ourselves and realize how terrible things can really be and appreciate the life we were given.  I wish all the student’s success this quarter and inspire others to be great.

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Covid 2

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