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A New Year, New Memories New Beginnings | Covid Journal

As we start a new year with new memories and beginnings, we yet still have not overcome this coronavirus pandemic. I thought things were getting better and starting to feel normal again, but things have taken a turn with all the different variants of the covid virus.

On a 7-day average, the news is reporting about 2980 cases among the 239,466 people who are or have been infected with the virus just here in Cuyahoga County. Now with the vaccine being available it is coming to be a barrier for some within the work field, schools, and going out to places that are now requiring you to be vaccinated. My family and I are among those who are not vaccinated and do not plan to either.

I do fear that the government will end up mandating it or making it impossible to get your daily essentials. Hearing about coronavirus became normal now like hearing someone who had the flu. Many of my own family members have been diagnosed with covid and have gotten better. I do believe that the covid virus was manufactured and even if you researched it, you would see Bill Gates patented it prior to the coronavirus known existence. I question a lot about what we are being told by society and not just trusting any source of information. What seemed odd to me when I was reading was that even Deer can get coronavirus. I thought this was weird because they don’t have contact with people and if they could get it, this is something airborne not per se person-to-person contact.  

Most people are no longer wearing masks since they are vaccinated, but it did say people can still pass it to others even if they were vaccinated. There are even stronger variants now affecting adults and children. I don’t feel like the government is doing everything they can to prevent it from getting worse or have a genuine feeling when it comes to the citizens here in the United States. It’s tough over the holidays because everyone must keep their distance or may not see their loved one when the family gets together. I miss my entire family not being able to comfortably enjoy each other without having to worry if you’ll get covid. 

I’m glad to have started a whole new year because it gives me a chance to start fresh, make new plans, and achieve goals. Last semester was tough, and I had a lot of problems trying to make it to class, complete my assignments and get good grades. I was juggling too much at home and trying to persuade myself, thinking I would be able to multi-task at the same time. Since then, I was able to emphasize how important it is to finish school and be able to be focused so now everyone is on the same board as me.  This year I’m focusing more on setting a legacy and a name for myself. I inspire myself to be the voice for others and to be a leader within my community.  I wish everyone and their family to be safe during these times and inspire them to influence themselves to be great.

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