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Movies + Dash of Covid Salt | Covid Journal

Without Covid-19, high school seems to be a thought in life. Throwing the virus into this mess seemingly creates chaos. With an already disorganized life, the cancellations that came from the pandemic have not helped with maintaining a “normal schedule.” Instead, I’ve been attached to my phone, checking my email and messages in case a previous event is no longer happening. 

The movies before watching, No Way Home 

With December bringing a new rise of the virus, I spent most of my break at home, which saddened me a bit. Although I was thankful enough to not get the virus, the same cannot be said for the rest of my family. Out of the five of us, four got Covid. In the weeks prior and following my first brother and mother getting the virus, my other brothers and I watched an abundance of movies. With Spider-Man No Way Home releasing, and us being giant comic book fans since childhood, we put our masks on and watched it the Thursday before it was officially released. With it being a heavily anticipated movie, and one of the first I watched in theatres since the pandemic started, I deeply loved it. Even with the twists throughout the movie, I believe that I will still enjoy it in the future, with the cinematography and memories aiding the appreciation.

Hand-Painted Art | by Abrish Malik, Inspired by Spider-Man, No Way Home

While No Way Home was the most memorable movie I had watched in the past year or two, the second place must go to the first horror movie I’ve watched in theatres, Scream 5. Over the pandemic, I grew to love horror movies. I spent the Summer of 2021 binging older series, such as Friday the 13th and Halloween.

The one I seemed to be the fondest of was Scream, a horror-comedy mocking the genre. Once I heard the new movie was going to be released in theatres, I put watching it on the top of my list. Since my brothers had other priorities, the only time slot we could fit was the 7:00 pm showing. A terrifying experience indeed, but the result of it was even more terrifying: my other brother had gotten the virus the next day.

High school’s pep band before the rise of Covid cases

Though I was able to enjoy the movies for a while, I did try to protect myself from the virus as much as I possibly could. I wore my mask, washed my hands, and quarantined when needed. I do hope that everyone who took the time out of their day to read this continues to protect themselves from the virus and is mindful of those who are unable to. Someday, hopefully soon, I won’t be typing this in my room on a Friday night, upset that my pep band game was canceled, scared that I may have been in contact with the virus.

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