Homelessness & Finding Resources

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Homelessness & Finding Resources

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A lot of things may go unnoticed and overlooked since we have been trying to survive the coronavirus pandemic, making things harder for being a college student. Many students are facing challenges when it comes to finding housing or experiencing homelessness. There are also students who don’t know what type of resources are out there, along with asking for help or even finding guidance when it comes to these types of situations.  College students who are experiencing homelessness find themselves in tougher situations just to get by, being able to focus on school and even having the self-confidence they need to function day today.

Benefits Access/Project Go! Helps supplies student who needs housing or experiencing homelessness through Tri-C. This was designed to help supply information, resources and connect students to different agencies while being confidential and allowing the student to have the private conversations that need to take place without having to display their pride or integrity. Each Tri-C campus has a location that can be reached by every student or by accessing the website https://www.tri-c.edu/paying-for-college/financial-aid-and-scholarships/benefits-accessproject-go/housing-assistance.html.

Cuyahoga Community College is helping through the Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund (HEERF) which supplies emergency financial aid awards for Tri-C students who need housing aid, food help, health care emergencies, and many other related emergencies that a student may have been affected from the coronavirus pandemic. Students may qualify for this fund for up to $2000 and must be enrolled for the current semester. More information can be found on https://www.tri-c.edu/paying-for-college/financial-aid-and-scholarships/heerf.html

Many resources are out there for any Tri-C student and outlets who are experiencing homelessness just to name a few above. Seek the help that is needed or if you know any Tri-C student who is facing these challenges. It’s not the end of the tunnel, there are people and staff to guide.  

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