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Back To The Normaity | Covid Journal

Brianna Provenzano. “How To Manage Anxiety During A Pandemic”. Web. 3.21.2020.

Every day is something different. With this pandemic of COVID-19, you never know what will happen. Will there be another strain? Will there be more vaccines made? Everyone is trying to do their best. We all make the best possible choices to keep ourselves and others safe.

As the pandemic continues, life is starting to go back to normal. What I mean by “normal” is what people did before the pandemic of COVID-19 happened. Once COVID-19 happened, some schools and businesses closed down. Including Cuyahoga Community College. There were fewer classes offered in person. Everyone had to adapt. We have all learned something while being quarantined.

In this pandemic, people had more time to relax. This is because some schools and businesses closed down as mentioned before. Thus, this means that people had more time to do what they wanted to do that they might not have had the time to do before. Some of these things include watching a tv show or movie, cleaning their house, learning a skill, cooking, and
so much more.

Something that I have done a lot during the COVID-19 pandemic is watching tv shows and movies. Some of the shows that I have watched during the COVID-19 pandemic are Bridgerton, Emily In Paris, Outer Banks, Maid, and After We Collided. All of these have come out during the pandemic.

Even while people have more time to themselves, we were all still searching for things to be normal. Being that everything was changing, people were scared and wanted something to be certain instead of all of this uncertainty. After a long while, some schools and businesses had opened back up. This allowed people to feel that normality again.

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