The Democracy Fellows program

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The Democracy Fellows program

The Democracy Fellows is a program that was developed to help communities of many types to feel a sense of connectedness to government and have participated in the policies that are currently being created within many levels of government. The desire of such a program is to enlighten the need to want to be involved in government. Democracy Fellows is building a network of local leaders to develop dedicated support for local leaders with democratic views. 

During my research, I had become aware that the Democracy Fellows is indicating a powerful desire to pursue many people from diverse backgrounds and coming from various communities to take part. The Democracy Fellows program is indicating this in many forms of writing from print to webpages, all of which is urgently pushing for much participation by all hope and just whoever that’s wanting to have a part in shaping the plans that come into play from the government. You can find Democracy Fellows on the internet at

Being a part of the student voter engagement program, Tri-c is elated to make this a known fact. Tri-c is very aware of the resources that a program like Democracy Fellows can provide to its students, staff, and the local communities at large. You can find more on how Tri-c is taking a major approach in bringing local voter participation and students’ involvement seriously at

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