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The Right Time for College | Blog 

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Many people have their views on when to go to college. I feel that a lot of people think the right time to go is right after you finish high school. In my opinion, in some cases going to college right after high school is the right time. Some reasons why people want to go to college right after high school could be getting experience living on their own. Another reason for going to college right after high school is to have the experience of being around other people their age or a person feels that this is the best position for them.  But maybe it’s not the right time for everyone. I feel that for a lot of people it could be better to wait a year or two after high school to go to college. Some of the reasons I think it’s good to wait to go to college are to give time to decide on a career they want to do. 

Another reason is to figure out if college is the right fit for the person. Also, waiting to go to college gives time for a person to develop.  If a person waits it also gives time for the person to explore different things. For example, someone could spend some time traveling and experiencing life. I know for me waiting for college was a good idea. The reason is because I was able to learn what I truly want to do. I did take college classes before I started to go for a degree, and this helped me to figure out my true passion and the career path I want to take.  

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