All About the Money: What’s Your Hustle? | Blog

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All About the Money: What’s Your Hustle? | Blog

Do you have a hustle? Do you know how to hustle? Do you have a network? A lot of people who own stocks, bonds, real estate, crypto currency and other digital assets start out investing in just one asset class, then they use the knowledge and skills they have learned to expand to buying and trading the other assets.  

The really successful investors become an “angel investor” which defines as “a high-net-worth individual who provides financial backing for small startups or entrepreneurs, typically in exchange for ownership equity in the company.” A lot of people have heard of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, but how many people know who Steve Wozniak and Andreseen Horowitz are? 

Most people famililar with the Federal Reserve Act and the Federal Reserve Bank (the Fed) have read, seen, and heard about the group of guys who were instrumental in creating the Act and the Fed.  Each of the guys in the group essentially started out as hustlers – in the oil, railroad, and banking industry. They came together to get the Act passed so they could build an empire that insured generations of wealth and influence (that persists through today).   

Interestly, the guys who planned the Act and the Fed are not referred to on the idiot box as hustlers. Also interesting is, neither the Act nor the Fed are agencies of the federal government, per se, but the planners knew they needed other hustlers to make their plan work so they reached out to another group of hustlers, the shameless politicians.  

If you don’t think shameless politicians are hustlers, try getting them to pass a 100% legitimate or necessary piece of legislation without contributing to their campaign. Effectively, the response will be to jump in a frozen river head first.  

Thanks to the internet, there are lots of ways to define what “hustle” means. The definition I like is “to strive headstrong and voraciously towards a goal,” by Nikki Stixx at  

I am learning a new hustle writing for The Voice as I study music and film at Tri-C. In five years, I will have a new network of people, places, and things that I can tap into to grow my business.    

For the foreseeable future in America, most people and most things will be all about the money. What is or will be your hustle, so you can keep up? 


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