Why you should become a Mandel Scholar

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Why you should become a Mandel Scholar 

One of the best decisions I made in Tri-c was to join the Mandel Scholars academy. Through the Mandel academy, I have been able to improve my leadership skills and have a better understanding of what humanity means.   

The goal of Mandel Humanities Center is “to serve its students by developing civic-minded leaders who have thought broadly and deeply about the human experience; supporting and promoting faculty engagement and scholarship, especially as it connects to issues in the humanities; and working with community partners throughout Northeast Ohio to develop experiential learning opportunities and public events that enhance the region’s economic and cultural vitality.” 

My college career has not only been enriched by the co-curriculum activities, but it has also become easy and seamless for me to focus on my studies because Mandel pays about 70 percent of my tuition ($2,580 per semester) for four semesters. Consequently, I do not have to worry so much about tuition fees; rather I can concentrate solely on my studies. I have also had the opportunity to meet other amazing scholars who are hard-working and motivational.  

Another advantage of becoming a Mandel scholar is that it provides me with an environment to maintain a higher grade because to be a Mandel scholar, you must maintain a minimum GPA of 3.0. The Mandel scholars academy fosters diversity by integrating students from different majors, both science and art, and also from different ethnical groups all coming together to make a bond that goes beyond our college years. Because of the pandemic (Covid -19) and the remote nature of most classes, I barely know who my classmates are, thanks to the Mandel academy, socialization has been possible. I got to make new friends, and those friendships have gone beyond the Mandel academic and have made a positive impact on me.  

 As part of our leadership training, we get to go on some fun activities of our choice. I have had the opportunity to go to the Cleveland city club, Van Gogh’s immersive art show, the Asian lantern festival at the Cleveland Metro Park Zoo, and Cleveland Progressive fields to watch the football game with a booth.

I have also had the opportunity of going on some extraordinary trips including, a trip to Alabama where I visited the Rosa Park Museum in Montgomery, the Legacy Museum, and the Lynching memorial. I have also gone on a trip to Detroit institute of art to see By her Hand: Artemisia Gentileschi and women Artist in Italy, 1500-1800. Additionally, I have gone to see Frozen live-action shows and gone to the Orchestra. Mandel academy also intends on going for an international trip to England and Paris in the coming academic year.  

If you are looking to build on your leadership skills and be a part of a community that believes in civil justice and humanity, Mandel honors academy is the Association you should join because it teaches those skills through three classes(one each semester for three semesters) which we are mandated to take and also the activities we engage in.  

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