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Life as a Tri-C student | Blog

Life as a Tri-C student – Image by Elizabeth Brown 

Elizabeth Brown 

Life as a Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) student is very interesting because I am acquiring the knowledge that needed to obtain an associates in photography.  I am really looking forward to progressing into the world of photography which is a great field for me because I love taking pictures and developing software and art skills. I also love the experience of helping students in my classes so that we all can pass and enjoy the great grades we can achieve. At Tri-C, I have walked into the world of striving to be “great scholar”  like one of my professors tells us to do which is motivation to strive to be great and achieve my dreams and career goals.  

To be honest, it is great to come to a college that has great faculty members who want you to succeed in your classes and help you resolve issues. I have even noticed that a lot of the staff members here at Tri-C, who previously worked at Bryant and Stratton in Cleveland, Ohio, also push me to grab honors or make the dean’s list. I believe they know that once I put my mind to something and strive my hardest that I can achieve anything. 

I love being a fellow Triceratops fan and enjoy the Metro Campus because faculty and staff member greet you and enjoy helping you achieve your goals, find your classes, and resolve any issues to keep you from withdrawing. They also push you to become a scholar student and have the mindset that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and do the work to achieve your goals and better yourself. 

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