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Experience as a tri-c student | Blog

Experience as a tri-c student | by Elizabeth Brown 

My experience as a Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) student is amazing because I have had the chance to meet some great people like Dr. Michael Baston who encourages students to do their best and strive hard to graduate. My whole experience of the College has been great because I have great teachers who really pile on the work, and I try my hardest to make the best grades to aim for the dean list and honor roll.  

Here at Tri-C, I have gotten a chance to see all the different cultures of students on campus who are using their education and talents that they will use to make a career. I have learned, as a photography student, that there are various kinds of photography fields which has opened my mind up to my own photography business called “brown photography_2021.” 

Earlier this year, I had a great experience covering the ideas festival and writing about it. On April 20, I also had the experience of seeing the different culture and beautiful things from Africa and India on the table and their outfits were beautiful. I also got the experience and honor to be invited to Dr. Michael Baston’s Inauguration which unfortunately I was not able to attend because I was sick and couldn’t make it.  

I have the experience of writing for the student newspaper, “The Voice” which by far is the greatest experience because the first article I did became amazing as a lot of people congratulated me and said that I did a great job of representing the Triceratops. 

I have been very proud of myself for returning to Tri-C to modify my photography company. I am also staying focused to graduate, which is my aim because all my dreams have come true. This is not just for me, but the young Tri-C students and my son Tyreek because I want to encourage him to do anything he puts his mind to. 

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