Is CCP Right for You?

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Is CCP Right for You?  

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Tri-C students range in age between 12 and 89, so you’ll see folks of all focuses and persuasions at anytime on campus. The average age of registered Tri-C students hovers around 26 years. But many younger students enjoy the experiences afforded to them since 2015 via Ohio’s College Credit Plus Program (CCP). Yet while there are many pros to the programs, there are also some cons. Let’s compare those.  

Pros of CCP  

  • Students don’t have to pay for CCP courses. 

The state of Ohio covers the cost for CCP classes, so students can learn without worrying about financial planning or potential debt.  

  • Anyone in grades 7-12 who passes the required testing can take college-level classes. 

Every CCP applicant needs to pass a test or provide specific scores to be eligible for the program.  

  • The required GPA is reasonable.  

Most schools require applicants to have a solid 3.0 GPA, but some schools budge on that.  

  • Students can earn their associate’s or even bachelor’s degree before graduating high  


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Cons of CCP  

  • College classes are often harder than expected.  

CCP classes can be more difficult than AP classes, so consider carefully.  

  • College course grades are permanent.  

Students and parents can often compromise with secondary school teachers to renegotiate  

their grades. However, that’s not the case in college. You get what you earn, and those grades  

become part of your permanent transcript.  

  • CCP students may take the wrong courses.  

Younger students often don’t really know what they want to do the rest of their lives and may  

“waste time” taking the wrong classes.  

  • CCP students often feel like they “miss out” on activities with their younger peers.  

Extra homework and courseload requirements can result in missed field trips, social events, and sometimes even dances.  

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons for most CCP students. However, if any of the cons  

are especially concerning, consider your options long and hard. After all, you only live once!  

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