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Monark Caterpillar: Life Cycle of a Butterfly | Blog 

Monarl Caterpillar

The life Cycle of a Butterfly is a topic that has a lot of interest for me and can be explained very clearly by using time-based infographics. The butterfly is a very inspiring insect for me because it gives me the opportunity to be creative and enjoy the design process. Also, the way the butterfly goes through metamorphoses is truly inspiring. I have divided my time-based infographics into five stages, from the moment it is in the egg until it becomes a big, strong, and beautiful butterfly. I used green, yellow, red, black, and gray because they are rich colors and represent nature. Also, I used white spots on the wings of the butterfly because it is the distinguish mark of Monarch Caterpillar.

Monarl Caterpillar by Isabelle Zoga

The font I chose is bold and condensed to create an aesthetic in the composition and be readable for the audience. For the background I placed a green leaf picture by reducing its opacity. I have organized the composition of the illustration in a circle form to give the idea of a cycle that begins, ends, and then starts the cycle from the beginning. In the center of this composition, I have focused Monarch Caterpillar and I designed a circular arrow to give more clarity to the cycle that this butterfly makes during its life. To make the composition more complete, I added a light frame to emphasize the infographics as a single body. 

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