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by Elizabeth Brown 

Hello fellow students and welcome back to another great year of school. I am very much excited to see everyone from spring semester as well as new students who signed up for summer semester. I am very much glad to be a part of the Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) family because this is a school that makes you feel like you’re at home as you get the career training for your degrees.  

I am very much excited to finish my degree and career training in photography. It is surprising to me that Tri-C is giving me a world-wide tour of not just taking pictures but understanding that my choice of career has led to me making movies and other things such as videos and commercials.   

I am also glad that I am learning about the different software that I need when I take pictures with my DSLR camera. My camera has specific software that allows me to upload my photos on my laptop and create postcards or posters which is great for my businesses that I run as I market myself.  

I am glad that I am also writer for The Voice because I have gotten a once in a life time chance to meet the most important people who are able to help me become a better writer and read what I write. During the year that I have been writing for The Voice newspaper I have met other writers who support me which helps me to keep writing about important things at Tri-C. They also encourage me strive to do my best because as we complete our degrees and careers we are showing other students and faculty that they can do it.   

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