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In an Instant

By Chris Cullen There seems not to be an inspirational story absent of struggle. The Irish have a saying that one should not ask for an easy life, but for strength of character. Greatness or the realization of a dream will always, always, come at a price. Often greatness is at the expense of exhaustive time and energy. Athletes …

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Inspiration from an Ohio Olympian

By Chris Cullen In the grand time capsule of history, only a short time ago, a young man triumphed over struggled obstacles by working hard, never giving up, and by believing in himself. His circumstances were never perfect. Despite this, Jesse Owens held himself accountable and made the most of life’s opportunities. Owens would one day become one of …

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Inspirational People, Coach Jim Valvano: ‘The Greatest Gift’

Adequate emotional support during formative years is essential for lifelong success. This story changed my life and so I would like to share it. My hope is that it may inspire you now or in the future to seek out a great challenge or goal and to know in advance that you can achieve that goal, if you want …

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