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Editorial: Tri-C’s New Sexual Offense Policy Protects Returning Violent Offenders

Offenders Still In Our Classrooms BY: Tracy Hudson, Metro Editor-in-Chief Despite the reenactment of the policy attended to address sex offenders who wanted to go to Tri-C, some offenders including those convicted of rape are still able to attend. The policy has made provisions under which a sex offender can still attend the college. The …

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Foster Care… We Care

By Sharmayne Schaffer and Angela Wolfe Tri-C has a place and resources for people who have aged out of foster care      Only 58% will graduate high school by age 19.     More than one in five will become homeless after 18.  One in four will have a run in with the criminal justice system …

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2015 Tri-C Presidential Scholarship Luncheon with Earvin “Magic” Johnson

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Tri-C to Sex Offenders: YOU MUST REPORT!

By: Angela Wolfe, Editor-in-Chief, Metro Campus A change in Tri-C’s admission policy adopted June 25 by the Board of Trustees would prohibit some sex offenders from attending the college. The Board adopted the Student Sexual Offense and Child Victim Admissions Reporting Policy in the wake of several stories in The Voice student newspaper about sex …

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Editorial: Are You Sitting Next To A Sex Offender?

  Written By: Angela Wolfe, Metro Editor-in-Chief Further research conducted by the Voice staff of registered sex offenders attending Cuyahoga Community College found an alarming number of registered sex offenders who have failed to report Tri-C as their school. This is a direct violation of the student code of conduct’s general provisions, according to the …

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