The Complex Ways of Love

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By Melanie Ellis

Throughout our lives, we connect and bond with people that make us happy. It starts with people getting to know each other and seeing what they have in common, and it eventually evolves into something more than just an acquaintance-like relationship. Eventually those feelings grow into something more than just liking someone. Eventually, it turns into something even deeper: love.

Love is one of the world’s most powerful and complex feelings in the world. It is a feeling that is shared most with a companion that you deeply care for. However, love is not just something that is used primarily for relationships. It branches out towards friendships, family members, and even pets. Love can be used in various ways to show how much you truly care for someone.

On February 12, 2015 at Tri-C’s Eastern Campus, there was a seminar held in the auditorium called The Truth of Love. It featured three of Tri-C’s faculty members, Kimberly S. Hill, Tiffanie M. Reed, and Paul Hanson, answering questions that pertained to love. When asked what her definition of love was, Professor Reed gave a simple, yet sentimental answer on her view of what love is: “Love is being defined as easy as intimacy will, caring for and committing to another person,” she said. “Love is caring, it’s kind, it’s passionate, it’s forgiving, and it sees the good and bad.”

Professor Hanson gave a psychological perspective on how love could spread, while Professor Hill described how love can not just attract heterosexuals, but homosexuals as well. Professor Hill is a strong member of the LGBT community as she described how those members can be able to express their love for one another as much as heterosexuals could.

Most of the students enjoyed the seminar as well. One student in particular, Diamond Wright, said that the seminar helped her learn how to maintain her relationships with the people she bonds with even more. “The seminar was very informational. It helped me out and gave me the information I needed for my relationships with the people I talk to,” she said. “I learned that you have to love yourself first in order to be in a relationship and that’s very important in order for someone to attract love.”

Love is not something that can simply be described in words or through psychology, it is best described when it is shown through actions. Whether you’re giving someone a hug, giving them a gift, or a kiss, actions are the best way to express your feelings for the people you care about. When someone makes you feel a certain way that you cannot explain or stay away from, there is a bond there that cannot be broken if the relationship is strong enough. Love is a feeling that should never be abused or taken for granted, it should be cherished by family, friends, and couples forever.

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