Student Wins $500 Gift Card at Spelling Bee

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By Marchanna Bentley

Vivisepulture (the act or practice of burying someone alive) – That was the word that won Tri-C student Nicholas Castagnola a $500 gift card to Barnes and Noble. The spelling bee was held on the West Campus on February 17. The Voice and Campus Activity Board sponsored the event to bring more awareness to these two student organizations.

Words were taken from the Scripps National Spelling Bee lists. Some of the words included: Chrysanthemum, disingenuous, camaraderie and exacerbate (a flower, the act of not being sincere, a spirit of friendly good-fellowship, and to make something worse, respectively).

Advisor to both of the clubs, Ginny Krouse, stood on stage and encouraged people to participate around 11:30 am and a few minutes after noon she had successfully rounded up 20 of Tri-C’s bravest.

Ken Dunn, David Diermert, and Nicholas Castagnola square off for the prize; Photo by Catherine Cesa

By 1:00 pm, the final three were left. The third prize was a gift card to Java City valued at $25 and was subsequently awarded to David Diermert, second place winner, Ken Dunn, took home a gift card  to Barnes and Noble valued at $100, and first prize went to Nicholas Castagnola who took the jackpot—a $500 gift card to Barnes and Noble.

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