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By Matt Bemer

Eastern – A student’s mother is suspected of threatening a Cuyahoga Community College staff member over the phone.

The student’s mother, 38, called the eastern campus financial aid office on Feb. 17 around 1 p.m., disguised her voice to sound like her daughter’s and attempted to access her daughter’s school records, per official police reports.

The college employee was tipped off by an earlier e-mail sent by a Metro Campus financial aid office employee, warning the office that a female was trying to access her daughter’s school records.

When asked the Eastern Campus employee asked the woman to come into the financial aid office to provide identification, the mother refused and admitted that she was not her daughter.

The mother then blamed the metro campus financial aid office worker, threatening to physically harm her, according to campus police reports.

The eastern campus financial aid employee reported the incident to campus police, who reported and filed the incident.

Metro – An alleged threat made against a Tri-C staff member by a student has resulted in an arrest and dismissal from the college, according to arrest reports.

Officers responded to a complaint made by a Metro Campus financial aid department manager of a student threatening a staff member at approximately 1 p.m. on Feb. 18.

The victim, a 34-year-old female from Garfield Heights, told campus police that a man had threatened to slap her, according to official records.

The man told police that he felt the employee was incompetent but denied threatening her.

The accused man, a 40-year-old student, was previously suspended from all Tri-C campuses until May 14 for theft from Metro’s Barnes & Noble bookstore in January.

Officers arrested the man and charged him with criminal trespassing. Dean Andrew Crawford dismissed the man from Tri-C for directly violating his suspension and disorderly conduct.

Western – An automotive technology student’s cell phone was allegedly stolen after he left class on Feb. 23 without it.

The student, 21, filed a missing item report the following day.

According to his statement, he left the phone – a pink iPhone 5c with a black case – on his desk after leaving class at 4 p.m. Realizing he left his phone on his desk, the student returned to the classroom 15 minutes later but couldn’t find the phone, according to the student’s statement.

The phone, valued at $250, was picked up by another student and placed on the teacher’s desk, according to the student’s statement. The teacher, however, did not have the phone, per the incident report.

The incident is currently under investigation.

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