United we Stand: An Inspiring Alliance

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Gay-Straight Alliance Members


By Melanie Ellis

With the society that we live in today, it’s hard for us to make friends. Most of us don’t feel comfortable enough to step out of our comfort zones to try to meet new people or try new things. We all click with people that we feel we can relate to, for example, people who like the same type of music you like, or someone who watches the same shows you watch. Some groups of people don’t even associate themselves with people who they feel are different than they are. They may ostracize them out of the group. However, there are times when two different groups of people decide to band together for a better cause.

At the Tri-C Eastern Campus, there is a brand new club called the Gay-Straight Alliance. The club was started by students who felt there needed to be a change made. GSA focuses on students with different sexualities, issues that may drive people apart, such as sexual orientation and other related topics.

The club’s faculty advisor, Kimberly Hill, explained how and why she decided to help run the club.

“I wanted to be a part of something so important because I think it’s crucial for students to know it’s okay to be themselves.”

Hill also expressed that she hopes students can raise awareness for LGBT issues and also provide opportunities for leadership skills.

GSA president Lewis Phipps also hopes to make a change for people who find it difficult to express their thoughts.

“I want to get people more invested in their campus, and I want to make topics a little less awkward, such as when it comes to talking about sexuality, orientation, relationships, and all the different facts of those,” he said. “People tend to shy away, so I want to make the conversation a little more casual and a little more people friendly.”

When it comes to groups like these getting together hoping to make a change, it is very important that they also send an important message. If you are interested in joining this club, you can reach Kimberly.Hill@tri-c.edu for more information.

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