The Perks of Student Government

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By Melanie Ellis


Tri-C offers a wide range of different clubs and organizations that students can take advantage and become a part of every year. When being a student in college, sometimes you find it hard to keep yourself occupied after finishing all of your class assignments so why not get involved? Some students, especially freshmen, wish to try something new, not only to keep themselves busy, but also to make them feel a sense of community and accomplishment. Joining school clubs is definitely a major way of unlocking a student’s full potential of their abilities and unleashing what they are capable of.

One of the major club organizations at Tri-C is student government. Student government is the center of what goes on at Tri-C. From organizing school events to running the food pantry, the majority of the activities that occur in the school are centered on their ideas. Student government recently filled the vacant positions for the organization.

One of the new candidates, Rae Watson, explained what made him become interested in joining student government.

“My friend is involved in student government, and he said that they were in need of a vice president, and I thought that this could be a good way to make my opinion heard,” he said. “I want to promote the clubs and different programs the school has.  I feel as if we just put more posters up and talking about it, the same will go for game events or different clubs that people don’t know we have yet, and I’d like to do that.”

The last candidate that was picked for student government was Robin O’neal, who explained her particular interest for joining the organization.

“I just want to be there for the students to help them and guide them and lead them in the right direction,” she said. “I wanted to let them know that their education was important and by contributing to this club I could do that.”

As of this semester, the officers for Student Government are President Monique Brower, Vice President Rae Watson, Secretary Robin O’Neal, and Treasurer Lewis Phipps.

Joining a club like student government can give students many opportunities, such as volunteering and travel, which can help them get started on their career paths. Becoming a part of any club will not only help keep students engaged but will also help them down the line in their careers.

Phil Kwiatkowski, the Senator of Student Government, gave instructions on how students can apply.

“There are two ways: They can either run in the spring or petition if there’s open seats in the fall, which is what we are currently in the process of doing,” he said. “We have four candidates and we are not sure which three we are going to go with as of now.”

If you are interested in volunteering and learning the perks of student government, visit ESS 1303 and speak with Monique Brower or Phil Kwiatkowski today.

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