Top 10 Apps Every Student Should Have

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By Angela Wolfe


We all know that apps are fun, helpful, and easy to use, but did you know about the ones below? Check them out and see if any fit your needs. By the way, they are all free, and iPhone and Android friendly J


  1. PhotoMath – Scan, save, and solve math problems on one convenient app. Like most, if math is your weak subject, get this app stat.
  2. Google Translate – This app provides two-way automatic speech translations in 40 languages. With our diverse body of students, this app allows you to connect on a conversational level. A new friend is one download away.
  3. Yik Yak – Share news, funny experiences, jokes, and more all completely anonymously to people within a 1.5 – 10 mile radius. Great app for college campuses.
  4. Periscope – Broadcast live video to the world. Once you start a broadcast, any ‘Scoper’ can watch, comment, and send you hearts. This innovative app is perfect for any reason from professional to pure fun.
  5. Can You Escape – An addictive point and click game that challenges your thinking skills. Who knew being trapped in a room could be so fun. Test your ingenuity to see if you have what it takes to escape.
  6. Tri-C – Well this is a given. Always be prepared by being a click away from everything Tri-C related.
  7. Duolingo – Learning a new language? Want to retain what you already learned? Then we found an app for you. Engaging your brain in mini-games that test your reading, writing, and speaking. A fun way to play and learn at the same time.
  8. Good Budget – Personal finance is an important and sometimes tricky subject. Help yourself by making sense of your budget and spending habits. Don’t forget to save a little for your savings.
  9. All Recipes – Plan ahead with these easy, yet tasty crockpot recipes. It also allows you to save your favorite dishes, tap to create a shopping list; and also takes it a step further by suggesting a recipe with item on sale when you walk into the store.
  10. Close 5 – Easy and fun way to buy and sell locally. Find deals on everything and anything or make a few extra bucks by selling your unused items or handcrafted wares. Let you entrepreneurial sprit shine with this app.
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