Achieving More for the Buck at Tri-C

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By: Daniela Cacho, West Staff Writer


Ohio is listed as one of the most expensive states to attend a four-year college. University of Cincinnati, Miami University, Kent State University, and Ohio State University are just to name a few of the higher tuition colleges in the state. On the other hand, Ohio has a community college that can assist in the high school-to-college transition.

During the senior year of high school, for students, the pressure really starts to build up. Or maybe one day—years after your high school graduation—the thought of going back to school is firm, and you want to finally go through with it. Having to make the big decision, students wonder where they want to continue their education. From late night Google searches, students often come to the realization that financial aid is going to make or break the college of their preferred choice.

Cuyahoga Community College helps students overcome the stress of affording college, and provides a variety of other academic resources. At every Tri-C campus there is a wide staff to help students enroll into the college and figure out a comfortable financial plan.

Tri-C is one of the most affordable colleges in Ohio. That being said, students also have the option to sign up for FASFA, work study, and scholarships to make their time in college much cheaper compared to other colleges in the state. Class credits at Tri-C are very simple if one decides to switch schools.

The college offers a plethora of activities, clubs, sports, and even free tutor sessions. These opportunities are just some of the few things that Tri-C offers. The positive and comfortable atmosphere at Tri-C is motivating, and can provide students all that they need to be successful.

Tri-C is an affordable college to receive a degree, or to get your feet wet and then transfer to 4-year school. It is guaranteed that at any campus (Western, Metropolitan, Eastern, Westshore, or Brunswick) Tri-C will point you in the right direction. Each of Tri-C campuses are aware that affording college, working, and tackling personal life is a heavy package. Tri-C campuses are understanding of their students and are there to constantly lend a helping hand.

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