The Ever-So-Important Dress to Impress Fashion Show

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By: Charles Hardin, West Staff Writer


The Dress to Impress Fashion Show took place on February 15th, and was apart of the Western Campus Student Success Week. Campus Activities Board (CAB) and Student Government sponsored the event.

A variety of different occasions and how to dress for them were covered; including, a wedding, cocktail party, dinner party, and a business dinner. An interview, religious ceremony, funeral, and a first date were among the other occasions that were addressed.

“What color should you wear to an interview?” was a question asked by a student. Maria Selos the Career Services Specialist, answered suggesting that wearing company colors is a subliminal message that you fit in with the company.

Upon speaking with her afterwards, Maria believed the event was a success. She thought that there were good questions asked, and that the students on stage were all properly dressed for their respective occasions.

She suggested that students visit Career Services here at Tri-C to get ideas on how to present themselves for job interviews. “You’re making a first impression and you only have one chance to make a first impression. It’s why it’s called a first impression,” said Maria in regards to making sure potential job seekers dressed appropriately for interviews.

It is the hope of CAB that the Dress to Impress Fashion Show helped students understand the importance for dressing for the occasion. March Madness is the next upcoming event to be held by CAB on Thursday, March 23. There will be sports inflatables, big chair photos, and more! Anyone interested in participating in Campus Activities Board events should contact Ginny Krouse via e-mail: Look forward to March Madness and other events coming from CAB soon!

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