Phi Theta Kappa Regional Convention – Diamonds in the Rough

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By: Brian Edger, West Associate Editor

This year was North Central State College’s turn to host the annual Phi Theta Kappa Regional Convention and what a success it was. The event started a day prior to the conference with Mansfield Reformatory hosting the many chapters in Ohio. Allowing for an evening of fellowship with like minds and a time to forge new and lasting friendships. When asked what stood out the most to Advisor Jeffrey Tuma, he replied, “Without hesitation it was the fellowship. This is one of the hallmarks of Phi Theta Kappa, and it was very apparent throughout the weekend.”

The evening included a guided tour of the historic prison which has been featured in such films as, Air Force One, Tango and Cash and the famed Shawshank Redemption along with a meal and a speaker. Afterwards, the event was concluded by a scavenger hunt which also served as a study guide, in part, to the morrows Scholar Bowl.

Sunlight had barely crested over the horizon when the next day’s events began. To kick off the festivities, speeches, awards and ceremonies there was the annual Scholar Bowl, which Stephen Barimah and Brian Edger of Tri-C Metro (Alpha Zeta Delta chapter) had won. Afterwards there were nominations made for upcoming elections and a break-out session for various interests which had ended the first session.

Leading off the second session was the keynote speech by International President Andrew Porter. Followed by speeches for all those who had been nominated to run for various offices which needed to be filled. All Regional Officers hold their office for a term of one year and it is this event which ends the term of the officer team which precedes the new team. This year was slightly different than others as by-laws are being revised and this would be visited upon before the session would be adjourned to prepare for the forthcoming gala, awards ceremony and election results.

With everyone dressed in their formal attire, the evening would begin with a satiating meal to be quickly followed by the Hallmark Awards.

Cuyahoga Community College West performed quite well securing many awards. Their outgoing officers, President Brittany Bosowski and Vice-President Bruce Hyde of West did a splendid job representing the region. Tri-C will still be representing the region in two key roles, as Stephen Barimah and Brian Edger of Metro were elected Vice President and Secretary/Editor respectively and Christine Hopkins of West as Northeast District Representative.

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