“Any Woman, Any Age, Any Stage” – Finding Your Future with Women in Transition

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By: Jordan Johnson, West Staff Writer

“You know how people always tell you that Tri-C is where futures begin? Well, this program helped me to see that I actually have a future.” These are the words used by Lisa Koelliker to describe The Women in Transition Program (WIT). Koelliker, a 2016 Tri-C grad, is not only a graduate of the program but also the Western Campus Program Assistant. WIT can be found on each campus and is directed by Cicely Campbell. There is no doubt this program is revolutionizing the way women see themselves and their ability to control their lives.

WIT is a free, non-credit, eight-week course, designed as Koelliker put it, for “any woman, any age, any stage.” Founded in 1978, this program was made to assist women going through various types of transition in their life including divorce, starting a new career, or going back to school. It consists of courses on computer introduction, workshops, career exploration, and most of all personal development.

The women in the program are taught to focus on themselves and how to build their confidence and self-esteem. They become emotionally stronger, which benefits everyone they interact with. According to Koelliker, “once a woman is strong it just resonates to those around them.” Using a supportive atmosphere and offering experienced guidance, this program focuses on meeting the needs of the enrolled women by helping them reach their full potential.

2018 is WIT’s 40th year anniversary and those in charge of the program are not going to overlook this. Planning for the celebration has already begun, as they look forward to another forty prosperous years. When asked about the growth of the program, Koelliker replied, “It’s contagious in the best possible way. Women join and they want to tell everyone about it: their sisters, their friends, someone they meet in the grocery store, anyone. It’s such a great program they just can’t help but spread the word.”

Transition is a natural and unavoidable part of life, but no one should have to go through it alone. Every woman has the right to have someone they can rely on and help her be all she can be. Koelliker said it best with the phrase, “It’s my belief that every woman deserves this program.” WIT has changed the lives of so many women across the campuses of Cuyahoga Community College and they will continue to assist women in transition for years to come.


For more information please feel free to call:

Eastern Campus: 216-987-2272

Metropolitan Campus: 216-987-4187

Western Campus: 216-987-5091

Westshore at Corporate College West: 216-987-3899

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