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Winter in Cleveland is brutal, so spending the days outside once the sun finally comes out is addicting. This makes planning for school a lesser priority. Putting away the sunglasses and switching to reading glasses can be difficult, but with some easy-to -follow tips, the transition back to school will go smoothly.
●Prepare for the school day the night prior. This eliminates stress in the morning, and it’s
always best to stay ahead of the game.
●Keonna French, a Purchasing and Supply Management major at Cuyahoga Community College, said, “Coming back to school after summer break is a big hassle since I have an 8 a.m. math class.” She said she goes to bed early and completes all her duties at home in advance to stay focused.
●Whether you are a returning student or this is your first year attending college, give teachers your full attention in class, participate as much as you can, and ask anything you’re wondering about.
●Max Backderf, a Tri-C student pursuing an Associate of Arts degree, tries to keep his mealtimes and sleep schedule consistent every day. “If you put your body on a routine daily, you’ll be successful,” he said.
●Kelsey Connolly, a Tri-C freshman majoring in physical therapy, uses her planner to properly schedule time between her classes and allocate study time each day. She emphasized the importance of not overdoing it, taking breaks in between studying, and not cramming at the last minute. Her advice: “Keep a study schedule, and stick with it.”
●“Make going full-time to college and earning an Associate’s degree your highest possible priority,”says Journalism and Mass Communication Professor John Kerezy. “Those with an Associate’s degree will make $40,000 more over their lifetime, on average, than those without a degree. Go for that $40,000!”
●Take advantage of everything Tri-C has to offer. “Tri-C has a lot of resources,” said Connor Wodarczyk, a Tri-C student. “Tutoring, for example, helped me out a lot. They even help you build resumes in the Writing Center.’’
●And finally, don’t be afraid to ask for help! Your teachers are there for you if you have any questions or problems in class, and the staff on each campus offers a helping hand for every student. There are plenty of counselors and faculty members to guide you through your academic career.
Welcome to the Fall 2017 semester!
Alexis Haywood contributed to this report
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