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September 2017 archive

Your Friendly Neighborhood Gender Sexuality Alliance

“People are like ‘Oh, it’s the gay group’, and it’s not, actually,” says Michael Flatt, sociology professor and faculty advisor of the Lambda Gender Sexuality Alliance on Cuyahoga Community College’s West Campus. Lambda’s objective is to shine a light on matters of prejudice while trying to create a strong, safe, and welcoming environment for anyone afraid to be themselves, he …

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Back-to-School Tips

Winter in Cleveland is brutal, so spending the days outside once the sun finally comes out is addicting. This makes planning for school a lesser priority. Putting away the sunglasses and switching to reading glasses can be difficult, but with some easy-to -follow tips, the transition back to school will go smoothly. ●Prepare for the school day the night prior. …

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Saving Shark Week: If we let sharks go extinct, Shark Week will die, too.

Shark Week was months ago, so it may seem like old news, but sharks still need our attention. “An estimated 100 million sharks are killed annually,” according to USA Today and shark researchers. “We’ve absolutely annihilated the species on a global scale,” says Demian Chapman in National Geographic’s August 2016 issue. In contrast, sharks rarely kill humans. In last July’s issue …

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The Cost of a Hurricane

The costs of Hurricane Harvey are equivalent to over 25,000 free Associate’s degrees for Cuyahoga Community College students. Harvey is estimated to cost as much as $160 billion. That includes lost wages, property damage, and economic losses. Rebecca Quiroga, a college student in Texas, had to deal with property damage firsthand. Her house flooded so badly, they had to …

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Connect 2 Campus

Connect 2 Campus is an event that gives students the opportunity to learn about academic programs, campus resources, and student clubs and organizations at Cuyahoga Community College. This event took place September 13 at Metro Campus and East Campus. It’s always an exciting event because students are interacting with each other and learning their way around campus. Explore your campus today and …

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Connecting the Classrooms to Careers

The Career Center has rolled out a new workshop, Classroom to Career. The workshop focuses on what students need to do to be career-ready, based on what the National Association of Colleges and Employers says students need to do to be prepared for a successful transition into the workplace. Classroom to Career teaches students the eight competencies employers …

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