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Make a Withdrawal from the Student Food Bank

Cuyahoga Community College has many resources on campus for students in need. One of these key resources, is the Foodbank maintained by Student Government. Any student who is currently enrolled in classes and has a Tri-C Card can get access to the foodbank. It is located in A-101 in the Student Government office. Students are …

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Healthy Eating on a Student Budget

If you’re like me, you’re low on cash and big on appetite. I usually hit the snack machines or grab something like fries or pizza from the cafeteria when I get hungry. As a result, I’ve gained weight and haven’t really saved money. Most Cuyahoga Community College students live at home with their parents. Even though food is available …

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Cleveland Eats: Tri-C Created a New Food Festival, and Cleveland Ate It Up

There was an air of excitement. The day couldn’t have been nicer. The second I walked in, the sound of people having fun could be heard all around. Upbeat music played from a nearby stage. The aroma of delicious food surrounded me. And it only cost $5. The very first Cleveland Eats culinary festival wrapped up Saturday, September 16. …

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A Free Meal is Closer Than You Think

A wider selection of goods than ever before is now accessible to students on Cuyahoga Community College’s East Campus. This is the result of an expansion of the partnership between the Greater Cleveland Food Bank and Tri-C. Toiletries like paper towels, deodorant, and even laundry detergent are now accessible–free of charge–for any student in need at East. A Food …

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True Life: Owner of Melt Bar & Grilled Got His Start at Tri-C

By: Daniela Cacho, West Campus Writer The traditional grilled cheese sandwich has slipped into mediocrity and inasmuch rendered a relic in the realm of dining, that is until “Melt Bar & Grilled” opened its doors in Lakewood, Ohio. Even the Columbus area is not immune to this trend and it can be felt northward from …

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