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Cupid Strikes Again at Tri-C West

By: Richard Monastra Love filled the air and rose petals dotted the ground in the North Galleria of Cuyahoga Community College West Campus. Brawny bachelors and beautiful bachelorettes competed for their chance at a Valentine’s Day date. There was a feel of infatuation and affection in this rendition of Tri-C’s “The Dating Game Show.” Demands of dances, drinks, and decisions …

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Everything You Need to Know about Tri-C’s Services

Cuyahoga Community College is pretty big. It is easy to get lost. Although, this great amount of space brings with it a great amount of services. If you have any questions, the Information Desk can answer them or point you in the right direction. This is vital. It is nice knowing no matter how lost you feel, there is someone …

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The Colored Museum Opening this Weekend at Tri-C West

The Colored Museum is a comedy written in 1986 and designed to satirize the way African Americans were seen in popular culture. It was created with the intent to shock audiences and thus contains some fairly outlandish premises. The play is set up in 11 separate “skits” ranging from an alien’s struggle on Earth to a woman laying an egg. One interesting …

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Sally Kurowski Retires After 31 Years at Tri-C

“My grandfather always stressed the importance of education,” said Sally Kurowski, Director of Developmental Education and Learning Services at Cuyahoga Community College. “I am fortunate to be the first in my family to earn a college degree.” Kurowski’s love of learning only grew from there. “When I thought about what I wanted to be when I grew up, the …

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Cleveland Eats: Tri-C Created a New Food Festival, and Cleveland Ate It Up

There was an air of excitement. The day couldn’t have been nicer. The second I walked in, the sound of people having fun could be heard all around. Upbeat music played from a nearby stage. The aroma of delicious food surrounded me. And it only cost $5. The very first Cleveland Eats culinary festival wrapped up Saturday, September 16. …

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The Cost of a Hurricane

The costs of Hurricane Harvey are equivalent to over 25,000 free Associate’s degrees for Cuyahoga Community College students. Harvey is estimated to cost as much as $160 billion. That includes lost wages, property damage, and economic losses. Rebecca Quiroga, a college student in Texas, had to deal with property damage firsthand. Her house flooded so badly, they had to …

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