The Colored Museum Opening this Weekend at Tri-C West

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The Colored Museum is a comedy written in 1986 and designed to satirize the way African Americans were seen in popular culture. It was created with the intent to shock audiences and thus contains some fairly outlandish premises.

The play is set up in 11 separate “skits” ranging from an alien’s struggle on Earth to a woman laying an egg. One interesting real-life character in this show is the actress Basia. She has autism and takes medication to control it. It could be said that she embodies

The Colored Museum; here she is, an autistic African American woman, playing a major part in a play. She wants to remind anyone with a disability: “Go for what you want. Don’t be afraid.”

The cast will be performing first at the Cuyahoga Community College West Campus Theatre at 7:30 p.m. October 26-28. Tickets will cost about $10. There will also be performances at Playhouse Square on November 2-4 at 7:30 p.m.Those tickets will cost $20 plus fees.

The Colored Museum is one of those plays that defined a generation of comedy performances. It shaped how many plays handled satirized content. This production is set to be extremely entertaining. And for as little as $10, how could you not go see it?

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