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November 2017 archive

The Colored Museum Opening this Weekend at Tri-C West

The Colored Museum is a comedy written in 1986 and designed to satirize the way African Americans were seen in popular culture. It was created with the intent to shock audiences and thus contains some fairly outlandish premises. The play is set up in 11 separate “skits” ranging from an alien’s struggle on Earth to a woman laying an egg. One interesting …

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SOCCER: Tri-C Earns a Win Against Ancilla, but Loses to Schoolcraft

Cuyahoga Community College’s men’s soccer team, the Challengers, won a hard-fought victory against Ancilla College on September 24 with a final score of 2-1. At the end of the first half, it looked as if Ancilla College had this one in the bag. But, as Head Soccer Coach Anderson put it, “We didn’t work as hard as we needed …

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BASEBALL: Tri-C Challengers Win Three Games in a Row

Cuyahoga Community College’s baseball team, the Challengers, started strong on the nine-inning game against the Windsor Selects on September 22. Tri-C had a 2-0 lead in the bottom of the second inning, with Dustin Redish pitching. Redish dominated the opposing team, almost inducing a no-hitter game for the Windsor Selects. The Challengers continued this show of strength into …

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An A+ Outfit for an A+ Presentation: How to Dress Confidently for Class Presentations

So, you have an upcoming presentation in front of your professor and classmates. You want to make a good impression. You can feel confident with your speech by being confident with how you look! Prepare your outfit the night before your presentation. Look through your closet to find two possible options. Be mindful that you are going to be in front …

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