We All Could Use a Quick Bite, Can’t We?

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Being a college student often means that you’re always on the go. This busy lifestyle sometimes can cause us to forget very simple things like eating, but when you do remember it’s good to know what choices you have. There are many food options located in and around Cuyahoga Community College’s Eastern campus. There are healthy food options, not-so-healthy options, meat options and vegan options. No matter what your food preference is, there is likely an option made just for you.

Starting with what is available on our campus at the Stomp Café. This may be many people’s best option if you have a short lunch break or just want to grab something quick. They offer your typical quick snacks and meals such as fruits, salads, veggies and granola bars. There are even options for breakfast as well. As for the hot meals being served on the campus,there are some disadvantages. One being that the menu changes from week-to-week and though there are some vegetarian options, a vegan option is not always offered. For those options,you may have to start looking off campus for a quick meal.

One place that does appeal to many different diets is BIBIBOP Asian Grill, which is a short drive up the road in Pinecrest. They have options for the meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans. BIBIBOP also comes in as one of the healthier food options. If you are looking for a similar but closer option, there is a Chipotle Mexican Grill that sits right across from our campus. They offer options for all three types of eaters as well. The one thing that both BIBIBOP and Chipotle have in common is that they both offer gluten free options.

Now if you’re not looking for the rice-based meal,there are other places that you can go.For example, DiBella’s Subs is another great food choice. They have a vast variety of hot and cold sub sandwiches on the menu,and they also sell vegan subs. Subs aren’t the only item on the menu. They also offer an array of salads including a pasta salad. Now let’s say that you are looking for something that isn’t that healthy. There is an option for that too.

A Five Guys restaurant is also located across from the campus in the Harvard Park shopping center. Here,you can get a nice and juicy burger with a large choice of toppings. You can also get fries and a shake with that. Although burgers are essentially what they are known for, they offer other choices like veggie sandwiches and different styles of hot dogs.If you are allergic to peanuts, be careful ordering from here as they use peanut oil to make their fries.

Whatever your food choice may be, being located at the Eastern campus offers a great advantage when it comes to getting a quick bite to eat. The list I’ve given is just an example of a few places to eat around campus.I didn’t even mention the local sit-down restaurants you can go to if time permits.Look around and see all the restaurants located near our campus, and have a blast going to where your taste buds take you.

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