Push Until You Overcome

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Push Until You Overcome

Most of us today has not seen anything like this and we are all finding ways to stay connected in the mist of it all. Some of us cannot go to our favorite places being restaurants, movies, parties , outdoors events etc. most of our everyday activities has been disrupted because of covid-19 but that definitely doesn’t mean that we cant make the most of our time in quarantine until things start to get better. For most this was a well needed break to learn a new skill, develop a craft or maybe to just stop and smell the roses and for others it has been the height of anxiety, depression or even madness. Whatever it may be this too shall pass, and we will be okay and for those who are struggling with those emotions there is this new app that is called better help, it is a convenient way to get professional help from a licensed therapist and counselors online with over 3000 trained, experienced and accredited counselors that’s covering a wide range of areas from depression, anxiety, family and couples whenever you have time go and check it out. And if you’re not satisfied that there are other apps as well that can be helpful to calm those emotions during this time like calm, headspace , stop think & breathe and aura just to name a few that are specially designed for meditation and /or yoga exercise.

 Some of them are free to use, for others there is a slight fee if you want extra services and yes, they are available on android and iPhone for use. On another note as they say April showers bring may flowers and while we are diving into this beautiful season of spring, I want to engage you all to also take advantage of the beauty of nature that surrounds you. You can still be safe , practice social distancing and get the fresh air and sun that you need because as people we have to think of ourselves as flowers we need food, water and most importantly sunlight and believe it or not the weather does have an effect on our moods.  Everything has not been closed since the pandemic there are a few trails that are still open for if you plan to go hiking anytime soon the Ohio to Erie trail, canal road access, Euclid creek reservation, Cuyahoga valley national park, Rivergate park and Wendy park. From what is known as of now most parks have also changed their hours of operation which is expected just to give you all an idea and also if you want some fun events or activities requiring you to still stay safe and be active you can visit the Cleveland.com website visit for more info.

It is an overwhelming time indeed, but there is a valuable lesson here that we all can learn from this experience, to cherish every and to take nothing for granted. If you can reach out to a loved one, help a neighbor or stranger,  mediate , pray , purchase and adult coloring book( if you like to color) dance , sing , draw , run etc. but the point is to engage you all to keep and stay active the best way that you can. Best wishes to all of you stay safe and energized and see you on the other side of quarantine.

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