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Anthony Koonce

I first learned about coronavirus from the memes that were going around in January and February.  As a result of this I only started to take it seriously over Spring Break when in-person classes were called off.  At first, I enjoyed the extended break and was able to relax for a little bit.  But as cases increased and quarantine continued, I went through a lot of loneliness and regret (as I’m sure most people did). Now that my time is fully occupied with online classes and extracurriculars, I feel a lot happier in general – but it definitely took a while to get there. 

In terms of family life, things have actually improved.  Both of my parents lost their jobs at the beginning of the pandemic, but my dad was fortunate enough to find a job where he works from home and then travels every few weeks.  It’s a much more enjoyable job for him and he’s very happy with it.  I’ve also been trying to hang out with my siblings more and we made some fun YouTube videos together.  I’d say our life is at its best right now. 

For my classes, I decided to go full-time online at Tri-C, with one class that meets in person every two weeks.  Every day is a little different – sometimes I have a lot of zoom meetings, and other days I am just trying to catch up on homework and avoid procrastination.  Time management is definitely my main problem, as days tend to blur into each other.  Fortunately my professors have been understanding and willing to help, which I really appreciate. 

I know that experiencing this pandemic will change my approach to life going forward.  I can see myself saying yes to more opportunities and being appreciative of even the most normal things.  This would include any sort of class, group trip, or party.  It will definitely be a while before I take things like that for granted again. 

Overall life is better for me now than it was in the Spring, mostly because I’ve accepted it and learned to make the most of it .  Life will undoubtedly be very different once the pandemic is over, but I am hoping that it provides the opportunity for a fresh start. 

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