Covid Diary Fall 2021

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Covid Diary Fall 2021

As we are ending the year, we are still in the middle of the covid pandemic crisis. The new way of safety protocols such as wearing a mask, frequent covid testing, and staying your distance is normal now. With all the new variants of the covid strain, it seems like it has not gotten any better. I have done a lot of research and studying during this whole time, and my perspective is quite different from most.  I do not believe in the vaccine because there has not been enough testing done on it, we are still in the middle of the trial periods where people are having adverse effects from getting the vaccine from any of the distributors, in addition to religious reasons. I believe before each person does decide to get vaccinated to be fully informed what you are putting into your body. It is too soon to make that decision and on behalf of my family.

With Joe Biden being the President now, He is a disgrace to The United States and its people. He is more interested in politics, helping other countries, and completely ignoring the minority. When we vote, we must do research on each candidate and cannot simply vote for them because they are either a democrat or republican. Things and times have changed, I know a lot of people when you ask them why they voted for either candidate, it is because there a democratic or republican but do not have any knowledge of the person who was elected. Joe Biden has made a lot of promises to the Black community, down to even telling The Breakfast Club Co-host Charlamagne Tha God, that if you did not vote for him, you were not black, but the question is what he has done for us specifically. Critical thinking. 

This year, I have had the chance to learn more about myself and the hidden talents that I had. I started out majoring in accounting, from joining different clubs and student leadership down to even expressing my voice. I found a passion for writing and painting. I took that passion and made it a reality. I strived to study the best and criticized my own work to better succeed amongst my peers. I have landed opportunities to write for Cleveland Magazine. Through Tri-C The Voice Newspaper and Student Media Advisor Jimi Izrael and Aymia Browder, he helped me to become an efficient journalist. This year I won four awards in All-Ohio Excellence in Journalism that was for my Paintings. I won First place “Dubai Life During Corona,” second place “Renaissance Jazz,” and third place “Native American Art” in “Illustration Single Image,” and second place in the “Best in Ohio: Illustration, All Publications” category. I have had the chance to network with many talented people throughout this time, and tools to make my life better successful. I would advise everyone to challenge themselves if they are at their full potential and aiming for the best. You would be surprised what results come from aiming high.

In addition, I am a Frances M. Franklin Scholarship & 5/3 Bank Scholarship Recipient, along with still being a student here at Tri-C. Summer classes seemed to be longer and heavier coursework than usual. By the time the Fall Quarter started, I was relieved that I was not consumed full of coursework and still had time to manage everything in my daily life. Now going into this quarter, I am more motivated to take on anything I put my mind to. After you see how many credits you have, it really feels rewarding you made it this far and stayed focused. I encourage everyone to use the tool in Tri-C Space called Degree works, where it is a comprehensive tool to help audit and monitor your progress towards graduation.

Since school started, I have also had to get readjusted back to my schedule at home as well. I still homeschool my son who is in fourth grade, which now he is used to his coursework he can work independently making it a little easier while we sit side by side. I am enormously proud of my family because they are making footprints in our legacy too. My son, Preston Rice landed his second role in Netflix’s new original movie called White Noise that will be played in theaters in 2022 and my fiancé also was in the same film with Preston and the film Grace and Mercy. My fiancé always inspires me to be the best just from the work he has done. My other son Jae ’den just turned 13, who also plays the trombone for his school band. I would not be who I am, without the support from my family. 

At the end of the day, I must thank Allah for all my blessings and the opportunities that have come my way. Always learn and read. Study and invest in yourself with knowledge. 

Below is my current fall Playlist to Check-Out:

Covid Series/Movie/YouTube Playlist

  1. Powe Book 3: Raising Kanan
  2. The Chi
  3. Sweet Tooth
  4. Karen
  5. Kevin Samuels Channel
  6. Dane Calloway Channel
  7. Mufti Menk Channel
  8. Michelle Alexander 

Covid Female Music Artists

H.E.R, Doja Cat, Coi Leray, Tokyo Jetz

Verzuz Battle

Dipset and The Lox Battle

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