My Covid Diary

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My Covid Diary

I first heard about covid when I was sitting in the room with my mom and siblings. At first, I thought it was just going to be in cities outside of Warrensville Heights. (Yes I knew that this was going to be impossible, but a girls gotta dream.) In a way Covid helped me because there was many times I gave up on school work and I did not think I was going to graduate. My senior year I did not expect to spend my whole year behind a screen on a computer.

I and my classmates hated the fact that we did not get to enjoy our senior year as we had planned. Prom was still fun and we had a good time at our graduation ceremony, it was just a lot more we wanted to do as a class before everyone drifted off. 

Covid helped me to literally find my dream job. There was a time in my life where I did not know what my next steps were going to be. At first, I thought I wanted to be a doctor but I knew that wasn’t really something I had a passion for. Eventually, I started writing stories. The more I wrote, my passion became stronger. During covid, I wrote two stories and finished the one I already started.

Thanks to Covid, I found a career that I knew would have an impact not just on my life but many lives and it also helped me realize that I want to go further when it comes to having a career in the talent industry. Writing has helped me to embrace myself and things I am capable of doing as a writer.

Today the biggest effect Covid has on me and my life is that I can’t participate in internships because for most of them, you have to be vaccinated. It would have been so fun traveling the world learning about the different cultures.

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