My two Dogs Ashley & Jordan | Covid Journals

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My two Dogs, Ashley & Jordan | Covid Journals

One of the biggest highlights of Covid for me has been spending more time with my two dogs Ashley and Jordan. I adopted Ashley – a forty-pound brown labrador mixed with a pit bull; she has bright brown eyes and floppy brown ears. I thought she was so pretty when I first saw her and brought her home. Then her stomach started to sag and I thought, oh this dog is going to have a saggy belly. A couple of weeks later, around 3:00 am, she kept waking me up to go outside to use it. At 5:00 am, I turned on the light and WOW she had seven puppies over the next couple of hours. I kept one, Jordan.

During Covid, it has been interesting to observe my dogs because many times they act just like little kids and do things that just crack me up. When the telephone rings, they run to it while barking and as I am walking toward it they look at me then the phone, me then the phone. It is
as if they are saying “get that.”

They bark when they don’t understand something, like during Zoom and Webex meetings. When I first started having these meetings, they would gather around the computer, I guess waiting for someone or people to come out of the computer. When no one appeared, they would run from room to room looking for them [I guess]. Again, too funny. It took a while but they got used to people talking through the computer and no one appearing.

Ashley has the most personality. She barks at everyone and everything; once it is dark outside, she goes to her room, gets in her bed, goes to sleep, and wakes up at 5:00 am so she can do “patrol”; and she doesn’t eat a lot – I have always said, I guess she is watching her figure. Jordan is simpler – she wants to eat all the time and go outside just long enough to use it then
come back in the house to see what I’m doing.

While Ashley and Jordan may not know that a pandemic hit the world in 2020, I am sure they have enjoyed me being home all day everyday. For them, it has meant more snacks, afternoon walks, and sitting in the backyard sunbathing and bird watching.

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