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The Pantry Metropolitan Campus – Image by Jane Salifu

There is a myth currently going on among some students on campus “that the Pantry is a subsidized store for students.” These could not be far from the truth. The Food Pantry is part of the Cuyahoga Community College’s effort to improve the lives of its students while they pursue academic excellence. The four campuses have a pantry. All you need to do is show up with your stomp card or a piece of evidence that you are registered for at least one class in the current semester. 

 A fun fact is that the people that attend to you at the Pantry are members of the student government, which means you can tell them what you would like to see in terms of an improvement to the student lives on campus.  

The Food Pantry and Izabela Zoga – Image by Jane Salifu

Here are the basic rules for participating in the Pantry: Show up with your Stomp card. The maximum amount of items you can pick at the Metro, Western, and Westshore campuses is 15 pounds, while the Eastern campus is ten items. You can only visit the Food Pantry once a week. Finally, each campus has a working system on the maximum amount per item you can pick (for items to go around)—the products in the pantry range from fresh fruits and vegetables to grains and hygiene products. 

 Additionally, the food Pantry is open from Mondays to Thursdays across campuses, with opening hours varying across campus. All students are welcome to participate and enjoy the resources provided on campus for student success. 

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