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Getting Active | Blog

Getting Active – Images by Jonathan Beard

Usually, this time of year, the weather is chilly, and we often deal with snow. But glimpses of warmer weather and clearer skies on days helps motive me to get out, whether that’s walking from place to place or using my bike.  

Physical exercise, even something as simple as taking a small walk, can be very beneficial both for physical and mental and emotional health. As a kid, and as a teenager, I loved getting out, mainly cycling. I didn’t have a car so it was convenient, and even when I finally got one it saved on money towards gas. Part of it was a challenge, seeing how many miles I could get or how long from home I could travel before getting tired and heading home. Other times I’d ride along trails. A particular route I traveled a few times went from Shaker Heights, where I live, through Cleveland’s University Circle and the Cultural Gardens along MLK avenue. As a high school student, I took video production classes, and I always was interested in cameras and filming, so I’d often take my camera long with me, filming things that caught my eye.  

This carried on after graduation. Before I transferred to Tri-C, I went to Notre Dame College, ab out 5 miles from my home. Sometimes I’d use my bike, waking up a little earlier to make it to class on time.

For me, winter’s weather takes biking less ideal, mainly when it snows and riding a bike through the roads is a bit unsafe, especially if ice is present, but I do try to get out in walk, especially on the warmer days we get. I try to find workouts on my phone to do at home when conditions don’t permit this.

When Spring comes, and biking becomes much easier, I once again plan to take my bike out of the garage and go wherever the roads take me. I’m thinking of going to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, as I’ve always wanted to go the whole way along the canal, btu I need a bit of experience before I make that long of a ride.

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