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Time Management System | Blog

Time Management System – Images by Jauquesla Ross 

The management of time is diverse, and I suppose depending on the person can entail quite a bit. I am an expert on what does not work. However, I would like to say that putting different methods, tools if you will, is an excellent way of compounding method to discover a personal system of time management. Let me say this as you complete things and add things your system will change, evolve, and need fine tuning. The key in this instance is to create or find an individual system that is useful and serves you best. You will also have to find or create on that is understandable and convenient.  

Though again, I am not an expert, but as a student I think that using a planner works well. Yet there is and added side. With a planner you have to set aside a time to view, read, update, re-write notes, goals appointments, and re-dos. Cognitively you must know when your planner times are. Many people including I do early morning time to plan. But it is also useful during the day or evenings. This is all depending on your own personal schedule.  

In using your planner always adjust the time with a little wiggle room. You do not want to schedule times too early. Or too late. In addition, I ALSO LIKE TO USE A 24 HOUR planner. It is something using rows and columns that you can do in your notebook. This helps to manage classes and homework, time at the library and making sure homework is on time.  

By Jauquesla Ross 

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